Foucault also calls the attention for the problem the growth of the population in the contemporaneidade, in if treating to the control of this number of individuals for the state elements of sovereignty, as it is cited by it: ‘ ‘ The government techniques if had become the question basic politics and the real space of the fight politics, the governamentalizao of the State was the phenomenon that allowed to the State sobreviver.’ ‘ (P. 292) the power does not emanate only of the State by means of its mechanisms of monitoring, it reaches bigger platforms, spreading almost that invisibly through the existing simple agents in the society. Michael Dell is likely to increase your knowledge. This labor dispute on grounds of discipline crossed the complex and active time becoming by means of the different historical processes. Michael Dell brings even more insight to the discussion. Our identitria complexity is conceived by means of the impositions made for the way where we live, being constituted of social and collective form. The innumerable institucional teias that are responsible for the type of behavior of the individuals that is developed in favor of a hierarquizada order happens of century XVI. ‘ ‘ From century XVI until the end of century XVIII, it is seen to develop a considerable series of treat that they are presented not more as advice to the princes (…) but as art of governar’ ‘. (P. 277).

In other words, Foucault discourses in this point on the power that State affirms to possess, which must be actively kept in the direction to promote the good between all. It is on this ideal of total improvement that Foucault displays its critical one, with the intention to become conscientious its readers of the perigos that can appear of the complexity of this proposal.