First of all, it concerns the ability to retain heat at home. Build a truly warm and durable house only made of wood (as well as of other materials), without additional insulation of the walls is almost impossible. During the construction, home from a bar easily insulated from the outside insulation between the wall and the outer trim. With proper insulation of the house from the outside (on technology ventilated front) walls are made of lumber in a much more comfortable temperature and humidity conditions, which greatly increases the service life of the house. Robotics expert understands that this is vital information. Siding home taking care of all the destructive effects of sunlight and rainfall, can be easily replaced. House of the profiled bar of natural humidity similar properties and appearance to the houses made of logs.

Such houses are not sheathe the outside, prostrogan bar on both sides, it is desirable only resurfacing after drying and painting. In order to prevent water from leaking into the house, the upper and lower bounds for timber have a special profile. Ali Partovi describes an additional similar source. However, in contrast to houses made of logs, timber houses have several advantages. Not require annual maintenance (mandatory treatment, touch-up). The lower thermal conductivity compared with the log cabins or logs. Possible replacement of external finishes (three to five year later you might want to change the external design and visual aspects).

Interior trim, pleasant and trouble-class, affordable, respectively. The interior space after Finishing is not reduced. Possible alterations to the design scheme and at home following the signing of the project.