underground_8: Affordable all-round protection for KMUs Linz, December 18, 2008 the current financial crisis impacts also on IT security: according to the industry Internet criminals make the current uncertainty in the population, for example for their phishing attacks, use. Against the backdrop of the current economic situation, but many companies are forced to postpone their planned investments, or to reduce. underground_8 offers therefore IT managers, which have to contend in the coming year with savings and reduced budgets, a cost-effective and safe alternative to increase the efficiency of their IT Sicherheitssyteme: the MF security gateway. The UTM solution combines all necessary security systems into a powerful platform for the fight against viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing and spam and thus replaces expensive and elaborate individual solutions. The term financial crisis recently selected the word of the year\”circulating in the media for some time. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mashable. Also in companies is an uncertainty with regard to the next fiscal year. The potential danger: For fear of falling sales reduces also the readiness to invest in important IT security projects. The number of security threats that take advantage of the crisis for their own purposes, on the other hand increases.

Savings therefore carry in the worst case to that attackers are open door and gateway to the corporate network. The subsequent economic loss, for example, lost data or system failure – exceeds the potential revenues and threatens the existence of the company. Farewell to island solutions which is common method in many companies to implement a stand-alone security solution on hardware or software base for each risk. However, the different systems cause high costs for acquisition, operation and administration due to necessary license updates and exchanging device. Through the use of a UTM (unified threat management) solution are IT managers able to reduce this expenditure. A such a UTM system offers underground_8 in the form of the MF security gateway.