Can it be something colorful, lively and unusual? Yes, please! Can it be something colorful, lively and unusual? Yes, please! Miss Muslima young fashion for Muslim girls and young at heart Imzadi Couture, the online shop for modern covering clothing, expanded its product range and presents from fallen out with Miss Muslima, immediately fresh fashion for young MUS limas and those who want to stay young. With a mix of bright colors and playful details Imzadi Couture once again proves, that covering fashion is anything but boring only how. Imzadi Couture knows it and shows it: how about for example a sequin-embroidered zig-zag bandana below the headgear, the hijab? Or with a fine bead tires about hijab? Or maybe a flamboyant hoops in purple? With original details, every Muslim can provide their look with a twist and give expression to their individual style. Boy of MUS limas in Germany face the dilemma that they may individually would dress, because that is not Opposition to the desire for covering clothes, but often simply lack ideas due to lack of supply. Because let us quiet inspiration from countries like Britain, France and Belgium.

“There are about young Muslim through popular social networking so-called tutorials so skillfully guides in the network, such as for example his hijab with accessories could naturally just as there are in this country to the latest star makeup tutorials”, founder and owner Susanne emphasises mercury. Under the LinksHijab chic and fashion chic it is to discover so great ideas and inspirations. Of course must all chic and trend as always with Imzadi Couture the practical aspect and the comfort to come. So, all accessories in their nature are gently specially for the fine fabrics of hijabs. Also IZAR are in the range of Miss Muslima new hijabs of Belgian designer NoorD, which are known and appreciated for their comfort exclusively at Imzadi Couture. Miss Muslima Discover Miss Muslima under. Press contact: Imzadi Couture woman V. blank Turks road 16 13349 Berlin Tel.: 030 831 90-233