His whole world was Burriona and Cerro Agudoa, the towns where his parents were born, after that everything was unknown .. The innocence of his childhood could not see the pain of those days of poverty that their parents lived as he lived in a world of joy, mischief and adventure. The time passed very quickly, suddenly she was in the big city sought their future, came to the capital city with many dreams, it was like entering an unknown world surrounded by dangers and opportunities.

The ride from the bus station to the apartment where she lived, was like a movie that is projected through the windows of the taxi, the cathedral. The monuments, the central park, large buildings and the bustle of the big city, and no deviation from the time they were four years, finally completed the studies, it was so fast that I was going back to his city, carried the knowledge, plus good and bad experiences to start the way a right to be happy. In making the inventory of resources and knowledge, had a job in the federal government moved to province also had the money from the sale of your house that seemed, knowledge and many dreams to accomplish. Everything is grounded in a lot of money and power. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi. That was his first mistake, now knows that true wealth is obtained when the purpose is a vision based on values, not on material things Soon found happily married woman Drawing on his mind, (the first dream come true) was like entering the world of his childhood full of joy, mischief and adventure.