Tunisia has become a popular destination for spa and aesthetic tourism attendees who want to enjoy the affordable cosmetic surgery abroad. Tunisia is now officially a part of the international society of aesthetic plastic surgery (ISAPS).From March 2010, is represented by a National Secretary, Dr Bouraoui Kotti.Dr. a>). Kotti is a physician certified by the European Council in reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetics, and is also a member of the French Council of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. For more specific information, check out Peter Asaro. Dr. Kotti affirms that members of your Council will boost the image of Tunisia as aesthetic tourism destination.Aesthetic tourism is currently one of the primary sources of the country’s currency.

The high level of plastic surgeons of Tunisia and the cost of the surgery, which remain cheaper in Europe, make Tunisia an attractive alternative to the India and Thailand. Tunisia has become an attractive Tourism Center aesthetic for many European travelers as well as patients from the regions of Libya, Algeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mali.Western patients represent only around 18% of the total number of foreign patients who travel to Tunisia to perform this type of treatment. The most popular procedures in aesthetic tourism in Tunisia are: increased breast, rhinoplasty, facelift and liposuction surgery.Modern hospital facilities of Tunisia and its affordable prices make it an ideal place for there aesthetic tourism.