Women? the same she must be always well apresentvel and of preference to keep it imprisoned. Hands: to keep the clean hands, nails always cut and in the case of the women done nails. Deodorants and colonies: to look for always to use soft fragrances, and to prevent excesses. Tattooings To always prevent the exposition of (s) the same one (s), therefore we take care of public of different profiles. Earrings Will have only to be used subtle earrings (small). Gums to chew are not allowed to chew chicletes during the working hours, or while the uniform is being used. Linguajar Evite to use slangs, only makes use of the same ones in extremely necessary situations and in personal way, prevent to the maximum the same expression of of form opened, in high tone of voice and with exageros.

Use of telephone the use of mobile telephone (cellular) during the working hours is forbidden, therefore the use of the same does not send to a professional behavior. Already in relation to the telephone of the academy, it could only be used in case of urgency and with previous and legalized justification. Position of work Makes: focus in the direct attention stops with the customer of visual, verbal and gestual form and always reveals soon. It does not make: crossed arms, arms stop backwards, hands in the pocket, to be supported in devices, to arrest the attention in devices television sets, to be in the window. At last to look for to prevent situations that show idleness. Schedules the first point is to make right the clock of the collaborator with the one of the company, and to be ready for the work (uniformizado, and in room) 5 minutes before the entrance schedule. In relation the delays, collaborator will have to communicate the coordination anticipatedly, at least three hours before, and really to have a reasonable reason (that he will be interpreted by the coordination) to justify the same Lacks Already in relation to the politics of lacks the collaborator will have to communicate the coordination with antecedence, at least 24hs before, in the illness case the collaborator will have to bring a voucher of the removal.