Dungeon Siege 3 – once again above innovations will not surprise us. He will be placed in the best traditions of action-RPG, ie in the game by and large do not have to think, and the global challenges we did decide we will not. We alone will destroy crowds of monsters with different weight and class categories. Just want to note that in the third part of them will be very much they would like in the woods and in caves. A player without departing from the ordinary peasant traditions, although you able to develop different skills in it, for example: if you like brute force, then you will be able to buy him a great sword and bleed his strength, and if it you like magic, there is simply enormous number of different potions and spells. The picture quality will be high enough drawing area will become clearer and be able to see every detail. As for the storyline, there is almost nothing is known, between the missions and pasting the video we will destroy a variety of vile creatures. Developers want to play out not only on the pc, they explain the fact that pc gaming market is shrinking and and other gaming platforms. Multiplayer game – no. Unfortunately even a tentative release dates game is not known. Hopefully, the developers will succeed and be able to enjoy high-quality game.