It is believed that the purring cat in exactly the same frequency with a diesel engine running at idle. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. This sound has a soothing and health qualities. For one of the two subjects unfair competition, as in the bitter cold to put on an equal diesel and gasoline engine is inexpedient. Frost and diesel. In freezing conditions, petrol engine, unlike diesel, can not pay attention to fuel quality. If the diesel engine in cold water appears, the vehicle becomes stationary.

The driver of a gasoline engine does not require anything but the wiring for the "Booster" and a small amount of money. For the driver with a diesel the engine harder to install expensive heating system for the engine, which can also heat the cabin. To start the engine can be used by autonomous and nonautonomous systems. The choice of device depends from the driver, stand-alone devices are expensive and need for non-autonomous power of at least 220. True, you can use the thermal battery. This device is inexpensive, but time and its effectiveness is short-lived. Can take a variety of tools to start the engine. However, the process of "revitalization" of the engine – a complex and time-consuming, and instead of the desired result can be the opposite. In any case, it is necessary pour the additive-Antigel, but it does not always help. Looking at all the above can opt for a gasoline engine, but do not discount the dizelnyyAvtosport, cars