Victoria E. Solomatina lives and works in St. Petersburg. People such as would likely agree. Wrote the book under a pseudonym – Victoria Platov. Wonderful master of words, all the books have a distinct personal style. Writes action-packed novels the first being back in the mid 90's, 'Still Waters Run Deep', has a superb level of language proficiency and swirling intrigue in the style of 'female detective.

" Their creativity Victoria Platov refers to the 'psychopathic thriller' which can be characterized by 'psychedelic' or 'mystical' presence plot. The basis of her work – borderline state of human consciousness. Of his favorite foreign authors allocates Sebastian for a mixture action-narration and subtle psychology. Loves classical cinema: Truffaut, Godard, Fellini, Antonioni, and tried to bring them the best features of creativity in his novels. Domestic 'friends' in the shop does not favor. Making money on detectives believe commonplace, as the detective is a product of mass culture and mass culture have long ruled the world, just our literature comes to the world standards. In extreme circumstances, the heroine Platova always behaves with dignity, she is intelligent and educated, deftly extricate himself from the murderous intrigue.

In the 'Fonts devil' character falls into a dizzying adventure associated with mystical picture, whose owners have died in strange ways. Victoria Platov to his original profession writer (graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of Cinematography), and her first book studio 'Panorama' was filmed tv series "Hunting for Cinderella ', which was very successful and drew attention to this facet of her talent. In addition to this series, also shot tv movies' Knife in the Clouds', 'Taxi for an angel', 'Battle of ladybirds. " Books Platova published not only in Russia, they are published in Germany, Holland, Hungary. The strength of her writing talent and polished style can be optimistic about the future of the domestic detective.