The interior space of the home can be decorated in any style from classical to avant-garde aesthetics, reflecting their outlook and tastes of the house. To design a single room look as much as possible is authentic, it is important to maintain the style, not only in selecting the correct configuration of furniture and related decor, but pay special attention to the background, which will pick out furniture, emphasizing its advantages. Among variety of modern materials has a particular aesthetic of plaster, which can be used to create both the usual ordinary and exclusive design of the walls. Decorative plaster from France willingly use master designers for interior decoration because of its high usability and superior aesthetic qualities. With this simple cover they can give a room with a similarity medieval castle, ancient palace or apartment Venetian aristocrat. The secret to the wealth of textures plastered surfaces lies in the composition deposited on the walls and features a mixture of its styling.

Usually plaster is applied in several layers, forming a chaotic pattern on the surface and improving the carrying capacity of the wall. Then the master may impose exclusive patterns separately using a brush and fix the resulting pattern acrylic coating that provides safety picture. Decorative plaster antique popular in rich classical interiors. Coarse and rough plane wall stresses elegance decor stylized stone background comes into good plays contrasts with the living tree. Plaster mimics almost any natural cover – cloth, leather, bamboo and metal. Imitation of any other natural material carried out due to color, texture plaster and of course a way of drawing the mixture on the wall. Relief pattern of the walls suggests that the composition of plaster of lime granules are large, but to achieve the ideal smooth walls, it is important to choose the plaster from the stone of flour, and after careful application of each layer of polish. For example shimmering Venetian plaster walls, presents a perfect smoothness. It is applied in ten layers and due to the contents of her reflective shimmer particles in contact with the wall on which the light rays.