The systemic nature is significantly smarter in the field. The systemic nature is clearly more intelligent than humans. It is a self-regulating themselves holistic system with changing de central responsibilities, which primarily operates according to the principle of efficiency: A large open conversion circuit and learning-resistant humans are a part of it. The word has power in Germany for historical reasons – a rather negative connotation. We therefore speak of dominance and Ohn Mach t more won’t euphemisms of sub dominance. France and Russia for example are there less biased! Power on the basis of the emotions seen psycho sociological works fear (frustration) and therefore ultimately counterproductive. People are drive-controlled beings who are capable with a positive motivation to maximum performance. (Lust).

Fear creates only de-motivation and disease (psycho-soma correlation). All people have first natural fears: for example, before Thunder and lightning. An intelligent natural re action to survive. In the course of human socialization conditioned fears are added: the famous Pawlowsche dog learned to connect Bell ringing (reflexology, praise blame) with food. Since people exercise power over people and animals the conditioning (domestication) is applied. The religious and political morals deliver legal production.

The findings about the conditioning built the Tayloristen in the historic 3rd psychological direction of Behaviorism (theory of social learning (control)). It works on the basis of our analog natural 3 base-on drives (food, mating, apartment). In addition, the digital social conditioned loading needs (communication, cooperation, competition) Act. The overall effect model defined by A. Maslow as the 5-step Maslowsche need pyramid (nature and culture). Abuse of power, such as through an employer stresses particularly wage-dependent (low success worth feeling and self-Bewusst-sein) (disharmony stress). Sense of Justice is out of balance. You get one Type tunnel view for their lives and are easy victims of bullying (episodes: Trinitus, burn out, heart attack). Historic distinction always between formal and in-formal power.