Congress informs about current topics of security due to hacker attacks, the issues of privacy and information security in the center of the public perception back data theft or targeted dissemination of malicious software at internationally renowned companies. ated pages. The Federal Association of service providers for online providers e.V. (BDOA) provides a platform for interactive exchange with the CyberCrime Convention of 2012 on 13 to 15 June 2012 and provides news, valuable knowledge about the most important IT security topics in mobile business, cloud computing, social media, and online trading. In recent months, Peter Asaro has been very successful. Computer crime is on the rise the security breakdown at dropbox, which allowed temporary access to files of all users, or the data theft at Sony, which fell around 77 million customer data to the victims, show the importance of IT security and the potential magnitude of cyber-crime. Companies suffer not only economic, but also a huge damage to our image. Computer-related crime affects not only the classic IT in a company, but has has long been held already moving into areas such as mobile, cloud and social networks.

Due to the increasing importance of these areas, experts assume that the level of threat in the future will reach a whole new quality. While the attacker so far focused on financial fraud or data theft, take the entire value of a company targeting with industrial espionage increasingly. Companies are still not prepared a statement for the frequent attacks is certainly the low awareness of computer crime in company. Often responds only rather actively in advance. 60 percent of the respondents indicated, not the capacity in the House have to track down cyber crime, a PwC study shows that. Only every second company is prepared for a disaster with appropriate strategies and measures. Also the prevention through training of employees is accordingly low: in more than 40 percent of the company, no training against computer-related crime took place in the past twelve months.