The global financial crisis to the full spread in the realm of Ukrainian entrepreneur. It seemed that this crisis is far from Ukraine and its affairs, but he knocked in our door. Learn more at: isearch. The economy crisis occurs periodically, it would seem, humanity has had to learn to confront and anticipate them, but no, they all come unexpectedly, and in this situation, companies are looking for a way to stay afloat, to minimize their losses. Crisis in essence, of course, is a temporary phenomenon, but quite enough to drown some of the companies, unsettle, to bring substantial economic loss. The natural reaction will be protected. How the current situation of the company are ready to defend itself from the crisis? There are several actions that the company resorted literate in the first place.

These include and increase sales and find new sources of funding. For even more analysis, hear from Dermot McCormack. At the present period of transition with a diversity of complex crisis and economic processes and relationships between enterprises, financial institutions and states on the internal and external markets acute problem is the effective investment (investment) capital to increase it. Economic nature of investments due to the laws governing the process of expanded reproduction and is the use of additional social product to increase the quantity and quality of all elements of the productive forces of society. Source of investment – the accumulation fund, or part national income that goes to increase and develop the means of production, and a compensation fund that is used to restore worn-out capital goods in the form of depreciation. Investments in broadest sense can be defined as the cost of resources that are being implemented in order to obtain the future benefit or profit. In this context the decision of the insertion of investments differ from the decisions aimed at consumption, for which the characteristic is that the costs of resources aimed at obtaining only immediate utility. Investment proposals (projects) are specific types of investments undertaken by individual individuals and firms in the private sector and governments of various countries and public sector organizations.

In both sectors, managers are faced with a decision of acceptance or rejection the proposed investment project, or select a specific number of variations on a set of projects proposed alternative investment projects. Analysis of the usefulness and cost – is the definition of a complex assessment methods and approaches that can be applied and used by public sector leaders in the assessment of public investment projects or in policy decisions as to have or do not have substantial economic weight of subsidies, in determining the investment of private sector projects that might otherwise be realized. Analysis of feasibility of investment – it is a complex methods that use financial managers of enterprises in the private sector to assess the proposed investment projects (which typically include the acquisition of capital assets). Methods and criteria used to analyze the effectiveness of investment and in terms of methodology are the same as in the analysis of the usefulness and cost.