Chinese activists report Chan and Charles about the impact of the financial crisis and the working conditions in China’s world market factories Jenny HO of the Chinese organization SACOM students and scholars against corporate misbehaviour ( report on the impact of the financial crisis on the Chinese export industry: on the one hand, they observe looming unemployment and a weakening of the rights of the workers. On the other hand, they see an increase in protests on the street and by judicial legal claims by the workers. Also Chan and Charles make Jenny Ho latest reports about the working conditions at suppliers of large computer companies before. The dark side of cyberspace represents the reality of life in the mostly young migrant workers who work in the high-tech sweatshops: exorbitant overtime for peak hours, low wages and a poor work and health in the factories are not uncommon. Again, it comes to work-related accidents and poisoning. Also lacks a independent trade union organization. and want to discuss strategies of support of the Chinese workers. What potential do have public institutions, such as universities and communities, when they buy a computer? How can social criteria, such as, for example, the law on organising the public procurement need to be observed? 15.12 press conference starting at 10:30 h.

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