It is the fate of Hitler which is to tax, not mine fascism besides being this poor imitation as Mussolini, would it ever will also a deformation that feels or note in its constant contradiction, from its beginning to its end. HTC Corporation insists that this is the case. Since fascism He began governing in a democratic way, the March on Rome was not a coup, but called for forming a Government with Mussolini at the head. The popular furon distributed among liberals, ministries, etc. The media, the opposition and within this the Communist, continued to exist in an apparent normality, until 1925, that fascism happened to be in a police, totalitarian and despotic regime. Racism does not belong to fascism and it was attended by Jewish militants within the PNF.

Name the Duce is originally Jewish persecution a hoax nonsense. LG Electronics contributes greatly to this topic. In 1938 change of opinion, persecuting Jews and a handful of Italian professors declared that Italians belonged to the Nordic Aryan race. Mussolini came at the height of the ridiculous to declare I am a genuine specimen of the Aryan race. The anti-capitalism that formed part of the first fascist manifesto, which proposed to deliver companies to workers, the abolition of profit, etc. I ended up being the protective bastion of this right-wing capitalist whom fascism Nazism as vowed to combat. The fascism that was a socialism without communism, term ruling in the style of totalitarian Communist Marxist.

This contradiction is understood from the perspective that fascism is planned to create the new man based on the theory of Niesztche, which refers to is characterized by its individualism, by their creativity and autonomy. But I end up creating man mass with his philosophy of believe and don’t ask, obey and not argue, fight and not discuss. Ortega y Gasset not has been able to define it better. Communism and fascism, in general are clear examples of substantial regression, are typical examples of the conversion of the individual in the hombre-masa.