In this my first article, I go to start speaking of friendship, even because, if I occupy this space is nothing more nothing less because of a friendship. Friendship that called me attention for this site, and that my article will be focada in this. They imagine vocs what it is really the force of the time and the friendship, has as many definitions for friendship could cite several, but ours nor the time obtained to finish, ours had always been true. But valley the friendship of a hard friend, what of a friend the hard bread. Hard friend is sincere, friend hard bread this runs of you thinking whenever we go to ask for something to it or to occupy it with some thing. We go to leave this friendship of side, go to speak of the sincere friendship that lasts and lasts and that exactly with passing of the years it does not forget yourself, is the friendship that if he initiates in one definitive time or in one determined time the years they pass and it remains is not forgotten.

I speak of the friendships of infancy, college, youth and work. I have many friendships thus and I have homesicknesses of all they, with which I lived, I coexisted, I played, I took a walk, I loved very, I fought, I worked and I was happy. Today in this my modest more sincere article I want to remember to thank the God and of heart to thank to the friendships and friends who I had and I have, and mainly the three friends who I rescued after moved away years, one after forty and five years and more two after twenty years, and the others, that equally I feel homesicknesses. Who knows one day will see in them, friendships these never forgotten always remembered, where would walk? What they would be making in its lives? Married, mothers of children, at last those questions, that never are silent when it has homesicknesses. is therefore that lathe to thank the God, leaving for me to be friend and to have friendships. to be friend of you Josenira, forty and five years seems that it was yesterday and that the time never passed, our espiritos continue young, and you Rosi, Marilene twenty years, we are there crying I cry in it and smiling in the smile and that good for vocs all for existing and my friends. They had found well vocs me and I found vocs and believe that I will find more friends same who are through the Site, Orkut, Twitter and Facebook of life.