His policy of integration is one of the most successful currently in our continent, without the typical propensities of the warlords. The Latin American regions, backward historically have had the opportunity to enter the globalized world stage thanks to the vision of a few who have managed to locate them in an international context. That was the first role of Jose Enrique Cardoso and Lula da Silva after, have placed Brazil in an emerging power and a role in global decisions. Lula has said: “As the European Union expands, South America must have its own trade union, monetary and parliament,” is the only solution to the colonial claims of all time and its new modern forms: linking agricultural policies, industrial , social, cultural, and science and technology and building joint political institutions, including walking in the direction of a parliament, a single currency and a foreign policy.

A Latin American country should come to occupy a permanent seat on the security council united nations leading a South American joint foreign policy, and obviously will not be obsessed country on its own insulation, which occupy these positions. The policies outlined modern continental integration are best suited to all currents and political overtones as it does not play particularly fierce nationalism. Against the claim of a single power to solve the problems of which she aspired, Chile, Argentina and Brazil and 10 other countries attending the summit of leaders ‘progressive’ in England (January 2009), to propose a solution intermediate between monetarism and neo liberal statist interventionism, what theorists call the “international Third Way” or the acceptance of encouraging private enterprise in international capitalism.