'Apple core' – a powerful processor from Samsung with a frequency of 667 MHz, which ensures the excellent performance of iPhone when working with multimedia. Add to this high-speed flash memory, providing not only local access to content, but a quick sync with your PC. Picture of the magnificence completes perfectly optimized software, iPhone allows you to work quickly and flawlessly. I must say that for a week of intensive use, the product proved to be the best side, which is not the phones and smartphones based on Windows Mobile and Simbian, where the first 'glitches' appeared on the second or third day after the installation of additional software. Perhaps the disappointment and bewilderment caused only a camera, which for some reason, not only can shoot video, but also significantly 'noise' in the room lighting and built-in speakers that reproduce music with a very questionable quality. For comparison, we used Sony Ericsson phones series Walkman, which was found to possess not only higher quality speakers, and more the volume of music playback. However, regular headphones from Apple made a favorable impression on the participants of the tests.

As for the camera, in the opinion of the editorial board, most of today's 'camera phones' suffer from the same 'Childhood diseases', so that the general imperfection of technology is unlikely to be imputable to the creators of the iPhone. Here you can see some pictures taken with the iPhone, and to verify the validity of our assessment. It would seem that it is time to summarize, but it remains a very sensitive topic. At the beginning of our material, we mention the views of experts, among them – some of the most authoritative figures in RuNet. To obtain their estimates of the iPhone, and our comments can go here. iPhone – the verdict Digimedia. It is not surprising that the iPhone was not only a lot of admirers, but also a lot of enemies.

The debut of the Apple device has turned out very mixed. However, advocates of Mac, certainly right in asserting that, often, critics of the iPhone is not too familiar with the matter under consideration. Carefully examining the pros and cons, we concluded that, despite some significant shortcomings, the product is quite suitable for that category of consumers who do not take full advantage of advanced features of modern phones and PDA. From a design standpoint, iPhone, like most products from Apple, of course, at altitude. However, to be more right to bring a list of pros and cons, allowing the user to judge the validity of our evaluation.