In my opinion snipe – this is one of the most interesting birds for the hunter to the Retriever. Not even because of the fact that difficult a shot on him, but because the bird is not very predictable. And among other things – is a perfect for gastronomic qualities of a trophy. We begin, in order: Snipe – half the size of a snipe. Weighs about 150g. Plumage mottled, brownish-black with .

Differs from the grouse nature of flight, published by the sound on takeoff, lack of noticeable white spots on the tail and white belly. He lives on the grassy marshes and wet meadows. What is characteristic for grouse, because the type of food they have similar. Spring-current-carrying behavior is probably familiar to everyone a little bit observant person – male rises high above the ground and periodically performing arcuate fall down, with wings and tail can produce sounds similar to the bleating of sheep, which is why at the time of Turgenev, it is often called "lamb>>. Snipe opens with the eagerly for another marsh and meadow-field game, that is, in the summer-autumn (in the central regions of Russia – in the early days). In the first days after opening snipe keeps Rack bad, and fat is not there. But the well will test the ability of obonyatilnye dogs, because the smell coming from the birds is weak and tender, not that of the grouse at this time. Contact information is here: Energy Capital Partners. Of all types of red snipe game completely disappears at Central Russia, one of the last longer may be delayed only a woodcock.