We continue with the preparation of an engine, in this post we will discuss the electronic control unit. This switchboard (talk about the engine) is in charge of manage all components that affects the performance of engine (injection, air etc flow times) reprosport.com therefore is an element to take into account to improve the performance of our engine.Many companies are which are dedicated to squeezing our PBX electronics as they do? Here comes the answer. Basically vary the parameters that the manufacturer introduced him to the car in factory where you make do this as do? well, these companies usually have several types of cartographies separated by specific models, connect our car to your computer and install the new cartography (similar to your coat something on your pc) relaxed if then we are not satisfied with the new mapping, you can always return to make that had serial.reprogramarcentralitas.com we must distinguish between two different types of preparations.The cartography to win power, here we have that you have clear as much as tell us in its advertisements the famous desire power and low consumption by experience in several cases this is lie, some gained power since the injectors are more open times but for this same reason consumption is more high.reprogramming-centralitas.com this, but besides that car will consume more (which don’t have to be a drawback if you seek power extra) is the life of the components is reduced, the injectors are required to inject to more pressure, so all components in general work above your standard (although always manufacturers leave a margin) but keep clear that the life of the motor will be reduced between 30000 and 50000 km. reprogramacioncentralitas.com where you truqueis a diesel car, everytime you hundais pedal prepare to leave behind ye well thick black smoke. Another type of cartography that you can install is an economic to improve the consumption of your car will obviously lose some power, your opinion staff will depend on whether the slight loss of performance is worth by the new consumption of your car.