To avoid falling into how aggressive we are using the term "bizarre." The following is a sample of such an attitude "bizarre" may have the effect of creative attitudes or practices. A few weeks ago, we recalled our 2006 a communication which refers to the possibility of using railway lines to transport disabled household waste, with at least tried – to desert areas of the country to be deposited with minimal environmental impact. to the problem of waste (not just the home, but industrial, pathological and radioactive) is considered a negative feature of the modern megalopolis. It appears that is even more serious in the impoverished Third World metropolis. The metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, is no exception to these characteristics. The institutional set the same conditions as the treatment of other issues, but this is done, forgive the repetition, mass blatant.

And this as the rest of the metropolitan problem that is obviously inseparable, must be processed in the framework of the full term of the Argentine constitutional order. This effect, does not obviate the ongoing struggle for supremacy that exists in all human groups and the major figures of that fight is the people who show political vocation. There is evidence that the legitimacy that only grants citizenship ruling is not synonymous with institutional quality. And this raises the possibility that a representative of the people legitimoa present projects that encourage noa respectfully described as "bizarre." This demonstrates the inescindibilidad of political struggles with the formulation and implementation of public policy. Corollary of this is the low efficiency propose public policy that has no effective political support.