Its population is composed of immigrants of some regions, that migraram for this region for occasion pan of it of gold. In Brazil, when education is argued, she is necessary to consider innumerable aspects, for the fact of being this a country of continental dimensions, with social, economic and cultural situations typical differentiated, that they compel to reflect on as if they approach and if they articulate the actions promoted in the three spheres of government (municipal, state and federal), as well as if these actions reflect the yearnings of the population in what it says respect to the escolaridade and the formation for the work. (WERMELINGER, 2007, p.01) In accordance with Wermelinger, the governments must be intent to the yearnings of its population and to think action strategies to guarantee escolaridade and professional formation to its society. In this perspective, as given official of the INEP? National institute of Studies and Educational Research Ansio Teixeira in 2008 had been 1,917 pupils duly registered in the Regular Net of State education and 1,027 registered of Adult the Young Education of e, of the Municipal Net of education, therefore approximately in 03 years we will have these numbers of people increasing the teia of the work market, unhappyly without possessing in its totality, an adjusted qualification to concur in equality foot with the professionals who already they are part of this parcel of the population. In this context, from 2005, the Municipal Government assumed a new position with regard to the education and the proper professional formation, searching to oportunizar to young the adult, either of regular education or in the modality of EJA and executing actions that aim at the best insertion of these in the formal market of work. Although all the unfastened efforts, as courses of the Program of Solidary Economy and others, present the proposal are bold and innovative, therefore it consists of implanting in Xinguara, by means of a partnership between Municipal City hall Secretariat of Education and Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Par – IFPA a Vocational Center Technician to take care of to the demands of regional vocational definition and formation and qualification professional technique to the egresses of average education of the regular net and in the modality of the EJA.