This is especially in the example of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Belgian Congo was economically exploited even after the initial reign of terror by King Leopold II., unprepared and hasty withdrawal of the Belgians in 1960 in addition worsened the situation. Until now, the country is one of the poorest regions of the world demonstrate better economic results areas under French administration, former British colonies are the economically most successful States of of African, and the British were preparing the independence earlier than other colonial powers began with the training of local elites. A lack of democracy and rule of law are always an obstacle for economic development: States, where private property is not protected and no or only little there is legal certainty for entrepreneurs, are unattractive to investors. The frequent coups, civil wars and unrest also worsen the situation. > Source: by…; Author Finally, just a description of the problem: we all know the nature and whose evolution is a dynamic process. For example, wandering the desert and are larger. The fresh water resources are unequally distributed on the Earth. The salt water is increasing.

As a result, food cultivation must be future in selected changing regions. Or be operated differently. In theory our Earth for the 3 human basic drives for food, reproduction and settlement would be sufficient, if all people on this globe… Sure a lot is you! But at present and in the near future, the world’s population continues to increase. People no longer nomadic. Worldwide growth of monocultures, the soil is barren. By means of financial engineering, financial poverty spreads further.

The committed environmental sins adversely affect the weather and nature. Policy and Religionen(glauben) manipulate as power means the world negatively: growth idiocy of economic cyberneticist. Maybe we should the Israeli wall eight meters high (passive defense) develop from Jerusalem via Turkey, Greece, Italy, and around the Iberian Peninsula and they call fence. Or we solve the problem intelligently. We repair our African damage with the Africans! 2012 Copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 27.08.2012, Systemic communication: consulting, training, service. WWWSchwalm,