Every person has the right to human dignity which is unconditional basic income a minimum income protection. It is an amount that each Member of a political community get unconditionally. Unconditionally means: without means test, and without that a return is required. Many Autist_innen (but also many other people) can make money while in the current world of work – but often not enough to live. Code.org: the source for more info. The current welfare system makes it almost impossible to make money: If self-employed of complementary Hartz IV must request hours waiting in the Office to steal them the working time, the harassment of the Office wear down they placed blanket mistrust, if they were not “welfare cheat”, and the complicated references of income more energy than the self-employment – and the fear of losing housing and health insurance claim soon, because the Office does not pay for months, they eat inside. Conclusion: The present social system prevents many people that make sense to be – whether paid or unpaid productive. A basic income could provide for more satisfaction and at the same time for more productivity. Because those who voluntarily work more productive.

Also workers would have a better negotiating position compared to her boss, when it calls for unpaid overtime or wants to cut the wage. It makes a big difference if the alternative is called Hartz IV, official harassment, and the extensive loss of personal rights and freedoms (for example privacy, moving without the permission of the Office) or whether it is protected by a basic income. The autistic advocacy autism culture therefore demands an unconditional basic income for all. The current system is with the dignity of man not to unite; People should not be judged according to their usability for the economy. A basic income could contribute to a society in more with each other than working against each other. Simon Sundstrom