" There is next to the "Falcon" and other recreation. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. The second group of recreation on the west bank is in the area and the village of New Elec thick. Here in New Yelets, in 1946 on the estate in Tver landlords Tolstoy was organized by the hostel – "Seliger". Kai-Fu Lee shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the 20 years of living here, students of the Communist University of National Minorities of the West, and today operates all year round holiday home. In the nearby village are Gushcha motel and house fisherman. On the east coast resorts were grouped as 20-30 km to the north of Ostashkov. Many years in the Nilo-Stolobenskogo monastery on the island Stolobny worked hostel "Dawn", whose main task – providing tourists hire boats, tents and other equipment and products. Now the island has changed, but there, in Svetlitsa located pension "Svetlitsa." Nearby and the second – "Seligersky dawns" and recreation bureau "Dry" located near the village of Kravotyn.

Recreation Centers Moscow organizations scattered across a variety of places: in the forest lined Kartunskom houses of the Moscow Institute "Geochemistry" in the island of Cape Khachin Tolstik located a sports camp of the Moscow State Academy of Light Industry, "Vagonnik" – controls the October Railway, and so on. Widely scattered and hunting base State lesoohotnichego economy "Seliger". In addition to the central farm opposite the village located at the base Lezhneva Zaplave, Ostsah, Birch, Black Dora and Zhdanov. However, in the Seliger all times attracted travelers keen penetrating the protected parts of the edges, and are not afraid of difficulties and inconveniences. At various times there have been an artist II Shishkin, writer IS Turgenev, playwright, AN Ostrovsky. Rested on Seliger writer Alexei Tolstoy, ballerina Galina Ulanova and Tatiana Vecheslova. Nowadays, regular visits to Ostashkov soprano Irina Arkhipova. In addition to an extensive network of recreation on the shores of Seliger in Ostashkov A network of hotels.

The first two – the hotel "Seliger" with 100 rooms and a small hotel with 20 seats in the bus station building – were built in the 60s. At present the hotel "Seliger" modernized. In addition, in recent time in the city are still a few small hotels. In addition to the bases and hotels, many guests is located in suburban Seliger villages and staying in villages. In Ostashkov area of more than 200 settlements. Around 100 of them in the summer, settled a long time from Moscow, St. Petersburg and the inhabitants of other cities. In some cases, entire villages are seasonal habitat, protected only in the off-season the locals. In the midst of much of the season in these areas and campgrounds. At the same time, motorists, placed, as a rule, close to major roads, overcrowded unwittingly make "nests". So lovers of secluded relaxation choose Island or shore to which you can sail on a boat or kayak, but it is impossible or very difficult to reach by car. On vacation