AdSense is a service that delivers creative firm google and which gives us the possibility to earn money through the creation of our web pages… While this is a service that has already been a few years, lately has become a true way of life where with the intelligent creation of pages web can get very good results, and above all to earn money in a very clean and real way. If you would like do I start? 1 Thing you have to do is create a web page (sounds like obvious to enter this world of adsense), clear you must know forms make it and enter the advertising boxes, that’ll see you with the passage of time, and will teach you some tricks of how people see first printing web pagesIn addition, to organize the texts that we want people to see. 2. For more specific information, check out Michael Dell. Then you need to register in page of google adsense, – this is when just started doing my website (blogger to be more accurate) and I met adsense, I had some glitches because I did not much understand this system but with the I knew time know. the dilemma was on as I I recorded and eventually took out the conclusion that the way more easy to do it was with the same email and gmail address. Ian Cole insists that this is the case.

It can actually be under any emails even the hotmail account. -To register you must go to the register here button. 3. So far should be very intuitive. but in the registry we will see some things upon entering our adsense log, see the following topics:-information on the web site: here we must put the url of the web site, this is to say, the name of page that we want to include our adsense advertising.

Also need to put the language of our web site. -Contact information: account type there are two possibilities, or we can register an individually or as a company, the first refers to the type of pages made by one user in particular, as any of us (natural person), and the second refers to all those companies or institutions etc etc etc.(legal persons).In the country or territory we must put on the place where it is made the page, by this I mean logically to the country of origin of the page.In the name of the beneficiary and the contact’s name I put my own nombre.lo others is instuitivo, address, State, province or region, etc etc – selection of products: we have as options adsense for content and adsense for search, the first refers to advertising that we want for our page, into the language which will have advertising blocks, the second relates to the google search engine that can also be added on our site, and that will give us money for the type of search that we do and the advertisers appearing there. -Policies: Policies lists the primary duties that we have to comply. -Login information: we must put our mail and our key. This process is complete we must click on send information. We have already taken our first step.