Good for the health and well-being which gives it better than at this time of year in his personal home sauna the sauna manufacturer Fechner relaxes to Fechner climate and leave the daily routine behind? For example in an infrared sauna Fechner can be wrap up from the harmonious colours of LED lights and the starry sky. And what is the special of Fechner air sauna? What is special about the faith climate sauna is the special furnace system. It provides more fresh air into the cabin, this creates a climate gentle cycle in the sauna, there is no risk of combustion from the furnace and also you have more space, because the respect zone around the heater ENT fills. And it has the same temperature at each level in the sauna, no matter where you sit. Get all the facts and insights with Robotics expert , another great source of information. It is of course to enjoy also possible in principle all types of bath, like for example soft feeling and bio steam cascade or the traditional Finnish sauna, soft steam bath, hot-air bath, moisture bath, herbal bath. Of course, the faith can sauna be equipped with infrared technology. Here too there is a special soft feeling oven with auxiliary evaporator. Fechner plans individual sauna facilities together with its customers..